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Home Music Gear brings you reviews, guides and tips for getting the most out of your music gear!

Hi welcome to Home Music Gear, my name is Chris and I have been passionate about music gear now for almost as long as I can remember.

I started this site to review some of my favorite music gear and to share that content with other people in the hope that it would be helpful.

My reviews and guides are my honest opinion of these products.

nord keyboard
Photo by Nord Keyboard on Unsplash.



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Congo has built-in support for a number of FontAwesome 6 icons.


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This article offers a sample of basic Markdown formatting that can be used in Congo, also it shows how some basic HTML elements are decorated.

Rich Content

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This is an example of a rich content summary.

Mathematical notation

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KaTeX can be used to render mathematical notation within articles.


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Congo includes Chart.js for powerful charts and data visualisations.